Flexible LED array UTV Rail tail lights

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Product Overview

These lights come with the module to make them work like running and brake light like a standard taillight.
Order by the size needed. We can make the light up to 5ft long. The LED board is in a D-channel tube that is 0.325in x 0.325in
The UTV shown in the picture has 2 3ft z-flex strips along both sides and the 4 1ft z-flex strips by the wheels
Choose a smoked, clear or red tube for the light
Choose LED color red or amber
A single light strip
1ft $68.23 each
2ft $122.42 each
3ft $176.61 each
4ft $230.79 each
5ft $284.98 each
Contact us for custom sizes 541-469-7486
made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review