Skullet Slim Dome Light

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Product Overview


  • output Lumens: 750
  • current Draw: .585A
  • Power: 10W
  • Number of LED: 10
  • the mounting panel is 15.13in light 10in
  • when the light is facing out it is 2in deep

This is the slimmest light bar available today. The LED’s are set back on the housing to eliminate glare.  Almost all other dome lights will throw light everywhere and cause your pupils to shut down. This anti-glare design puts the light where it needs to be. By far the latest technology high-end dome light available.  This light is also designed to swivel, giving you the ability to shine the light in the exact area needed. Can be swiveled to illuminate the trunk area and to the rear of the vehicle.

made in the USA


(No reviews yet) Write a Review