Tube Clamps

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Use tube clamps for attaching mirrors, lights, or any other aftermarket UTV additions. This durable design comes in 1.25in, 1.5in,  2in, 2.5in, and 3in versions that fit a majority of UTVs out there. These are sold in pairs, and all installation hardware and instructions are included for seamlessly mounting your new accessories to your vehicle. This 3/4" extended mount is for end mount led light bars with 6mm or 1/4" fastener diameter. The 6mm or 1/4" slot on L bracket can position the end mount light bar Between 2.45" and 3.55" from the leading edge of the mounting bar to the center of the mounting screw. These adjustable LED light bar mounting clamps are an excellent way to mount your light bars to your roll cage. These pivoting clamps will allow you to mount up to a 50” light bar to your cage even if the cage does not run parallel to the light bar. 

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review